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Teaching Beginning and endings

Teaching narrative and related techniques is a cornerstone of Qatar K-12 English Language Curriculum. Indeed, teachers of English constantly come across two main challenges: the first one is to find suitable material to cover all the required aspects described by the Qatar English Curriculum Standards Document  and that have not been addressed by the main teaching resources for different levels, and the second is to find appropriate listening and reading material needed to build exams aligned with the Evaluation Institute Documents.

From my personal teaching experience, I have learned to keep lists of different types of resources and material that I could eventually use when I need to. The problem, though, is that I have lost many of those lists due to many factors (personal, technological, etc…).

The following is a list of very useful links that can be safely used in Qatar K-12 English-language classes:

  1. Stories For Beginners
  2. Lit2Go
  3. World Stories
  4. ereadingworksheets

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